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Costa del Sol Swingers Parties
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"By far, the Costa del Sol's best Genuine Swingers parties".
The Costa del Sol is one of Spain's most popular holiday destinations and also the home of many "expat's" from the UK and Europe. There are many couples that enjoy swinging on the Costa del Sol and many that like to indulge while on holiday, however, there are not many genuine swingers parties in the Area, Until now!

Mijas parties
run genuine sophisticated swingers parties on the Costa del Sol, run just the way they should be, in a no pressure environment where socialising is as important as "play". We try hard to create the perfect environment for swingers living in, or visiting the Costa del Sol in Spain and cater for all types of swingers, from the experienced to the curious first timer, Mijas Parties is the perfect place to meet "like minded" people.

Many swingers parties on the Costa del Sol have come and gone over the years, as do the people, however in recent years there has not been a swingers venue that could meet with our expectations. Many "so called" swingers clubs in Spain are not really swingers clubs at all, they are, simply brothels and not what the genuine swinging couple would be looking for. As swingers ourselves we started to become "fed up" with not having a decent venue for all the genuine swingers to meet, so we created one.

Mijas Parties now run Genuine parties for swingers on a regular basis, we use secluded private villas on the Costa del Sol and keep our guest list balanced with couples, single females and a small number of select single males. We only advertise the location of our swingers party venues when you have requested to be added to our guest list and you must be on the list in order to attend.

Once inside you will find a relaxed, no pressure environment, where socialising is as important as "play" and "no means no" in all cases, this is the ideal venue to meet other couples that are into swinging. You will never be asked, or pushed to do anything you do not want to do, if you prefer you can just make the most of our buffet and enjoy a nice drink in a social atmosphere. Of course, if you do meet people you like then we do have a clean safe environment in which to "live out" your fantasies, our "playrooms" get quite steamy!

If you are visiting Spain for a holiday then Mijas Parties may be the ideal venue to try out swinging in a discreet and safe environment, if it's your first time, don't worry, we will do our best to make you feel at ease, in no time at all you will be wondering why you were nervous in the first place! If this is your first time visiting a swingers party, don't worry, most of our guests will fully understand that you may be nervous and will help you to relax, we were all new to this at some time. You will not be expected to strip off and get judged on your "performance", it's just not like that, at a swingers party people are not here to judge you, all you will find are friendly fun couples that are here to meet others, relax and maybe have some fun! There are many myths about swingers parties and the people that attend them, however, we can assure you that most of them are not true, at a swingers party you will find most couple to be "normal" friendly and fun people, simply with a more open attitude to sex and relationships.

Why not come and see for yourself, Mijas Parties will be running regular swingers parties on the Costa del Sol throughout the year and we welcome new couples and open minded singles to join us. We hope that you will find our parties the perfect place to meet others and enjoy a refreshing night in a perfect environment, with some fantastic people.

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We are also listed on SDC Swingers site and Adult Costa, Spain's leading website for Adult Interests and swingers.

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Swingers parties, also known as Adult Sex parties, are a great way to meet like-minded people. Mijas Parties on the Costa del Sol provide a no pressure atmosphere.

Why not Enquire and join us at one of our very popular Costa del Sol swingers parties.

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